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What products does Macron provide?

Macron, an Italian company based near Bologna, has been the market leader in the production of “teamwear” since 1971. We provide technical clothing for both professional and non-professional sports teams in Europe and the rest of the world. We have a vast range of products, from training kits and equipment to official kits for matches and player accessories, all of undisputed quality. Macron also produces “sports inspired” clothing for your free time, designed for a young and dynamic consumer.

Which sports does Macron supply clothing for?

Macron produces a vast range of items for football, basketball, volleyball, rugby, handball, baseball, futsal and running.

Which clubs does Macron provide kits for?

Macron sponsors Perth Glory and Adelaide United in Australia over 50 others all over the world. To find out about the main clubs that we sponsor, check out the sport pages or download our company catalogue for the full list.

How can I download the Macron catalogue?

We have 3 separate catalogues you can download for various sports. Follow the catalogue download link that is visible underneath the top image on each page.

How can I receive news and updates about Macron?

Macron is constantly developing its products. Keep up to date with Macron’s news by signing up to our newsletter and checking out our media section on the website.

How can I contact Macron?

Complete the ‘Contact Us’ form at the bottom of our home page or fill out the apply now form in the ‘Be Part of The Future’ section and you can receive a call back from one of our team.




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